Meet the team

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    Travel & Bitcoin

    Jörg von Minckwitz Execution

    Jörg is responsible for general organisation, public relations and the acquisition of new customers. The strengths of this Business Master’s student are his entrepreneurial spirit, communication skills and his ability to generate creative solutions to problems. Apart from Bitcoin, Joerg’s big passion is travel which helped motivate him to start this company.

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    "I like ancient stuff"

    Jan Goslicki Finance

    Jan is our chief economist who is in charge of our content and marketing strategy. Passionate to the end, he is described as perfectionist, bridge builder, maverick and networker. Settling for one single thing would be way too boring for Jan. He is always open for new ideas and looking for ways to give them life.

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    Programming & Languages

    Ben Jones Technology

    Ben takes care of software development. As polyglot, traveler and freelancer Ben became fascinated with Bitcoin and the possibilities that it could bring to the global Internet, creating a market for countries previously disconnected international trade and payments. He is always finding innovative ways to create applications and payment gateways for the digital currency.

What projects do you work on?

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Clients said

  • Super quick, reliable and the customer support was friendly as well. Let's do it again!

    Lydie from France
  • I am trying bit by bit to move my life into Bitcoin! Finally I can pay for Gold in bitcoins, too! These guys are quick, no problems!

    Martin from the Netherlands